Choose from any of the following care services or call me to talk about your personal goals.

Personal Care:
I provide help with the highest level of care for bathing, showering, toileting, dressing & hair care.
Social Activities:
Lifestyle and leisure is all about you and getting the most out of enjoying life, connecting in the community, developing or building new skills and your confidence by enjoying yourself and having some fun.
Social events e.g festival, concerts, sporting events, ten pin bowling, dancing, movies, theme parks, the gym, swimming, kayaking, botanical gardens, playgrounds etc
I can support you with allowing yourself, families and carers time out for yourself and know that you can trust me to give the highest level of care for your loved ones.
Supported Travel:
Choose a destination and when you would like to travel.
Are you looking for a travel companion, local, interstate or overseas?
I can make your holiday a safe & wonderful, memorable experience,
I also provide assistance and support with all your travel needs, personal transportation to shops, appointments, and social activities.